A Simple Discipline

Growing up I was never a reader. I did my assigned reading in high school and college, sort of, but that was it. I associated reading with the requirement of school work and never really found the enjoyment in it until much later in life. Just after Eve and I were married I was deployed while serving in the Marine Corps. We had been attending Church together before we were married and I owned a Bible but honestly, it never occurred to me to read it.  It’s interesting as I look back, God was stirring in me something deep and profound and I was sensing it but was unsure how to really connect my heart to His. So, being half way around the world and no contact with my loved ones, I decided to read the Bible.

I can’t tell you today, 25 years later, how thankful I am that I did. Reading the Bible on a regular basis literally changed my life. There was something that began to change in me almost immediately. I felt a connection to God, my Father, in a personal, intimate way that I never knew was possible. I looked forward each day to spending time in the Word as if God himself was having a conversation with me. And the more I read, the more I realized that is exactly what was happening. They say knowledge is power and once you know something no one can take it from you. Once you begin to read the Word of God for yourself, you become safeguarded against erroneous teaching and false ideas about our heavenly Father.

Once I entered ministry on a full time basis, almost 20 years ago, I realized most people I encountered didn’t know anything about the Bible that someone else didn’t tell them and most of that was wrong. For so long I was in the same boat. I had so many misconceptions about who God really was and how He truly felt about me. I would just listen to other people and assume that they knew what they were talking about and believe what ever they said. Once I developed my own relationship with God through the Word I realized it’s not as hard to understand as I thought. Jesus came to earth speaking in the language of farmers and fishermen, not seminarians. The Word really is designed to be understood by regular people like us.

Jesus said in Matthew 4:4,  “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’  Job said that he esteemed the word of God more than his necessary food. And in Jeremiah 15:16 the prophet said, “16Your words were found, and I ate them, And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart…”

In all these passages we see our intake of God’s word related to eating physical food. So we see the Word is like food but more important than food. You might say “you can’t live without food”. That’s exactly the point. You can’t live without the Word! Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop most Christians from trying. So many people are in a spiritually malnourished state which leads to all kinds of problems in their lives and relationships. The word of God strengthens us from the inside out. Naturally, we understand that diet has more to do with our physical health than exercise. In the same way, our spiritual diet has more to do with our spiritual and physical health than perhaps we ever thought. In fact in Proverbs 4:22 the scripture says the word of God is life to those who find them and health to all their flesh. Its a powerful truth!

In closing, I would like to encourage you to develop the simple discipline of spending time in the Word everyday. Its the best way to develop the relationship we have with the Father. You will experience His goodness in ways you can’t imagine. John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  Jesus and the Father are one and they are indivisible from the Word. Experience the fullness of the Father today through the simple discipline of reading His word.


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    Jerrid Hermann says

    Great read. Looking forward to more posts.

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    Lolita says

    Thank you for sharing always with us and encouraging us to read the Bible I really want to have this relationship with God.

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    Mendy says

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It is amazing all God can do with small, faithful beginnings.

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    Janella says

    Thank you Pastor for sharing and your loving encouragement. Can’t wait to read more!

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    Wendell C. says

    You’re back! Good post keeping us on our toes with this fundamental reminder of a most powerful truth that the Word will greatly affect our daily & entire lives if we just open it up on a regular basis. Now all you have to do to get seminarians to read this along with us farmers and fisherman is replace “read the Word of God” with “read the cannon”.

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    Cindi Borden says

    This really spoke to me. It is the cactus place where I am at this time of my life. My relationship with Him rides on the knowledge of His Word. It’s how He speaks to me and in turn relate to Him. We assume that most Christians have daily contact with their Lord but unfortunately not true. Your blog speaks of the importance of His Word for nourishment to our souls! Well done !

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    Tom Burns says

    I love you ken Spicer

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    Pam Espinosa says

    Such a great word shared with such honesty and truth. Gods word is my daily bread, I can’t live without it. I literally desire His word daily and pursue Him as I know He loves me endlessly and pursues my heart daily. Thank you for sharing!

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    Charles Singleton says

    Thanks Pastor Ken for your love and direction. I have a bachelorsdegree in theology but I had to unlearn a lot of things. I am so grateful for what I know now because I’ve never experienced this kind of freedom. Thank you and Eve for your leadership and always pointing us to God’s Word and the freedom we have in Christ!

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    Jim Burgner says

    Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    To you my brother Ken,
    I didn’t say that just to be cleverer or copy the Bible. But what you’ve just blogged is wrapped up in that salutation. Paul the Apostle opened most letters that way, he said that Grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ would be upon the reader. And as you know Grace is the very nature of God, through his word (Jesus). So much more than the common definition, unmerited favor. The Father knew that blessing of what was about to be read required a Heralding or pronouncement. That is to say you will receive Grace and peace through Lord Jesus as you begin to read and eat this letter. So as you eat you eat Jesus by the illumination of His Spirit and it becomes part of you, that pronouncement is making a statement regarding that. You are taking in the very nature of God the Father. You are taking in the words of eternal life. Wow! Is that something?
    Or what! As our people begin to grab a hold of that, watch out!!! The Gates of Hell will not be able to stand against that. We will fight like Jesus when He was taken out into the wilderness and tempted, (because that’s where we’re at). We will fight with eternal Words. We will take names and kick spiritual butt.

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    Bill Adams says

    Such a great word ienjoy your teaching Postor Ken it feeds my soul .love it

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