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Prioritizing in the New Year

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We usually hear all about New Year Resolutions the last week of December or the first week of January. Thats why I’m writing this in the 3rd week of the January. It’s entirely possible that already the “New” in the new year has lost a little luster and the reality of that book reading goal or the gym schedule, or whatever those things are for you, have become a little less exciting.


So often we enter the New Year with a laundry list of things we want to accomplish. I get it, I’m all about lofty goals. Many of us have an equally impressive list of things we want to eradicate from our lives or schedules. We often extrapolate that if we stop doing the things that are diminishing our creativity or productivity we will be more successful in the things we want to accomplish. I can see how that might seem rational but honestly, if we are on the negative side of the equation, our enthusiasm will wane rather quickly and by March we may have already written off the majority of our goals for the new year out of frustration.


Let me clarify; saying no to certain things is incredibly important in determining what we can say yes to in our daily lives. However, just like a consciousness of sin will lead to more sin, focusing inordinately on what we should stop doing will ensure that we will actually do more of the old things in the new year. Thats right, the more I think about how I shouldn’t eat ice cream the more I will desire to eat ice cream. What we think about most determines our course of action.


My point is that it makes perfect sense to stop doing the things that steal our time, energy and potential as we begin the new year. So, we need to think more about what we want and desire to do than anything else. In order to be successful moving forward, we must be intentional about our purpose. As our passion and enthusiasm for what we are believing God for in this new season becomes our focus we are far more likely to be successful meeting our goals and objectives.


Here’s to a Happy New Year!



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